A Denture

A denture or removable denture conventional solutions for patients who have lost multiple teeth since 18th century. It is dental prosthesis designed to replace missing teeth and custom-made to fit each individual mouth. Modern dentures can be made of several materials; traditionally made from acrylic resin and metallic to support stability. Full denture is to replace all the teeth in a jaw/arch; either upper or lower while partial dentures can replace some part of arch/jaw, relying on remaining natural teeth for support. Dentures help improve smile appearance, chewing and speaking abilities and support facial muscles that can occur when teeth are missing. Denture is the most Cost-Effective compared to other prostheses solutions like dental implants and bridges, dentures are generally more affordable, making them more accessible solution for many people with tooth loss with budget. Removable denture can be also easily removed to clean and maintenance. Although they require proper care and regular dental check-ups, they can last many years with good maintenance and take less time in procedures comparing with dental implants. While dentures offer these benefits, it is important to note that they also have some usage limit, for sample the less discomfort or the need for periodic adjustments.

Smile Center Pattaya can offer patients this kind of treatment types of dentures; full dentures and partial dentures.

Full Dentures or Complete Dentures in Pattaya Thailand

1. Full Dentures or Complete Dentures Pattaya

This is considered the most budget solution when patients completely loss teeth or plan to remove remaining teeth out, this prosthetic appliance is one of replacement solution. It takes around 8 to 10 days in Pattaya excluding tooth extractions and swelling recovery time. This prosthesis is mainly used when all remaining teeth are removed; either upper and bottom teeth. Typically, it will take a few weeks after tooth extractions to heal swelling and harden patient gum to place a denture but immediate denture can be placed immediately after the remaining teeth are removed. However, adjustments afterward might be required as the gum swelling and bone loss heal and shrink over time.

Partial Dentures or Acrylic Denture in Pattaya Thailand

2. Partial Dentures Patttaya

The piece of denture consists of the replacement teeth made by acrylic attached to a pink gum-colored plastic base, connected by metal framework that holds the denture in place in the mouth. This prosthesis solution is used for one or serveral teeth missing and can be applied in either upper or bottom jaw. Sometimes, it has a hook to hold with remaining teeth to pevent the slip while patients eat or speaking. The procedures takes around 7- 10 days in Pattaya to take impression and fabricate this prosthetic appliance. Not only does the partial denture can replace patients' missing teeth spaces, it has ability to prevent nearby teeth from changing position. A precision partial denture is removable and has internal attachments rather than clasps that attach to the adjacent crowns. The parial dentures can made a more natural teeth looking when smile.

3. Valplast Denture Patttaya

If patients are afforable, we suggest more advance material denture or Valplast. Valplast Dentures is also called Thermoplast dentures. This prosthetic appliance is madec from the thermoplastic nylon resin making a Valplast denture is thinner, long-lasting, and more flexible comparing to metallic or acrylic resin dentures. All these features more comfortable to eating and chewing. Also, it more natural looking and has advantage over tradiontal dentures in esthetic aspect. With thinner, lighter materials, it is also better for long term maintenance and patient overall oral health care as well as it features less stress placed on patients gum and jaw joints when teeth are moving and missing.